Richter7 Mock Panel Presentations

Last Friday several chapter members and I participated in a mock presentation panel that was held at Richer7.  We are fortunate that Richter7 invited us to this event because it provided us an opportunity to see professionals, active in the communications field, practice their craft.  For the panel, we were asked to be a critical audience, evaluating performance based on the criteria that was provided by the people at Richter7.  Our perimeters were to comment on both positives and negatives across; clarity of speech, body language, poise, personality, audience engagement, topic knowledge, dress, and use of visual aids.  We were even asked to take the mind set of actual corporate professionals, and to be critical from that perspective.  At the end of each presentation, it was requested that we ask several questions to each presenter, to see how they think on their feet and react to the unknown in a presentation setting.  Each presentation was recorded on video.

There were three presentations that we evaluated.  For the first one, we were asked to think as if we were owners of a certain cooperate franchise in Utah.  An employee of Richter7 presented a quarterly report for a real-life marketing and social media campaign done by their agency.  A different Richter7 employee conducted the second presentation.   Database marketing, what it is and how it works, was the presentation topic.  This was an informational presentation that was geared toward college level marketing students, hence were we’re asked to take that perspective as an audience, which was a real stretch for us.  The final presentation was given by a representative from one of Richter7’s clients.  This one was about what how their organization functions during a crisis.  It was another informational presentation and we were asked to be ourselves as we noted and commented on it.

I can only speak from my personal experience, but it was a fantastic opportunity to see actual professionals presenting, and to watch through a critical lens.  Normally, when I’m watching a professional presentation, I’m not counting the “um’s,” looking for repetitive gesturing, or considering their shoes.  Although the presentations were outstanding, it was nice to see that practicing professionals aren’t perfect.  That’s why they practice.  Just because we get a degree and a job, doesn’t mean we got it made, to be great at what we do, it takes hard work and practice.  On behalf of PRSSA, University of Utah, I would like to individually thank Tim Brown, as well as rest of the Richter7 staff for allowing us this opportunity.

Ryan Hughes

Vice President 2011-2012


About Utah PRSSA

The national chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is a professional organization that serves its members with networking opportunities, employment resources, and information about emerging trends in communication and new media fields as well as strategies for professional advancement. Membership of PRSA at the student level (PRSSA) enables students to access content that is available exclusively to members.

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