Congrats Graduates!!

Wow the year is over and it’s graduation! As a junior member of the Executive Board I’m excited for my senior year to start. However, I’m mostly envious of all 24 members of Utah PRSSA who graduated the University of Utah on May 6, 2011.

It was an honor to work with the senior members of PRSSA; learning with and from them, watching them grow, and new discoveries of ourselves. Four members of our Executive Board are embarking on the real world and anxious to begin their careers. As the coordinator of this blog I hope to have regular updates from our seniors and how their careers are shaping out.

Marcia, Fiona, Brook and Sami - Graduation, May 2011

I’m continuing my position of Director of Public Relations and excited for the new 2011-2012 year. I’ve been meeting with our new chapter President, Austin Chappel and Vice President, Ryan Hughes, and we are excited. Excited to build from the 2010-2011 year and keep this chapter thriving.

We will continue to have events, fund raisers and workshops over the summer. Our first event being held May 28, 2011 at Pioneer Park; Extreme Yard Sale, 9 A.M – 2 P.M. Donate items to sale at Utah PRSSA’s booth, all proceeds go to Utah PRSSA and unsold items will be donated to charities.

Stay tuned, more information to come!

Amanda Nelson
Dir. of PR


About Utah PRSSA

The national chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is a professional organization that serves its members with networking opportunities, employment resources, and information about emerging trends in communication and new media fields as well as strategies for professional advancement. Membership of PRSA at the student level (PRSSA) enables students to access content that is available exclusively to members.

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