Motivation Monday – 5 Ways To Enjoy Your Summer

Welcome to our new series, Motivation Monday, where Utah PRSSA will bring you new motivation tips each Monday. Start your week of right with our Motivation Monday series. 

How is it the second week of July already? School starts in another 7 weeks and while it seems far away, we all know that it will be here sooner than we would like. Or for those of you enrolled in classes this summer it’s even more important to enjoy your summer.

Summer in Utah is unlike anywhere else and we have a lot of close, free (or really cheap) and fun summer entertainment. It’s time to take advantage of all Utah has to offer during the summer. Don’t forget to take advantage of Student Discounts using your student ID, they aren’t always advertised but always ask.

1. Enjoy a body of water. Summer isn’t summer without spending it by a body of water, even in a land locked state. Whether it be a day boating, a walk around a lake in the mountains, or your apartment’s pool, take in the sun rays and enjoy the cool water. Gather a handful of friends and make an adventure, play Chicken, Marco Polo, or grab a book and soak up the sun.

2. Take a hike. Utah is known for its mountains and outdoor activities, there are countless hiking trails for all experience levels. Grab a camera and take pictures of all the wildlife you see, or challenge yourself on a hard trail, and get a workout at the same time. For hiking trails around Utah visit

3. Get out of the house. Do nothing, do something, whatever it is, get out of the house. Just do it; Nike style. Enjoy a day in the sun, take a walk, buy some chalk and create art, go for a picnic in the mountains, take a drive, just get out of the house.

4. BBQ. No summer is complete without a BBQ, who doesn’t love a hamburger, hot dog, corn on the cob and some juicy watermelon. Give each of your friend a food to bring and cook up a delicious summer feast.

5. Take in a summer concert. Gallivan Plaza holds free summer concerts every year, Red Butte Gardens has concert series, USANA or Sandy amphitheater, even Park City and Deer Valley have great summer concert series. While some of these shows may put you back $20-40, it’s worth the memory and relaxation of summer.

What are your favorite summer activities? How do you enjoy our hot Utah summers?

Have a great Monday!



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