Motivation Monday – 5 Tips for Going Back to School

Welcome to our new series, Motivation Monday, where Utah PRSSA will bring you new motivation tips each Monday. Start your week of right with our Motivation Monday series. 

For us University of Utah students fall semester starts today, or tomorrow, and that means football season is right around the corner. This is my final year of college and I’ve learned a few tricks about going to back to school, saving money, and staying motivated.

1. Get a planner/calendar. Whether you are a Type A, like me, who needs every day planned out and schedule, with everything accessible at my fingertips. Or a simple monthly calender with big events to keep you on task. Keep track of your assignments, football games and social events. Having things to look forward too is motivating.

2. Buy books after the 1st day. Unless of course you have required pre-reading. I can’t tell you how many classes I really didn’t need a book, test questions all came from lectures. Or the teacher will vote on online articles or a new textbook, majority of the class will vote for online articles. Classes that do require a textbook, check Amazon Student and get a used textbook. Last semester I found a brand new edition that in the bookstore was $85 for $5 used on Amazon!

3. Put your schedule in your phone. It’s always with you, so you’re sure not to lose it. This has saved me a few times when mistaking room numbers or start times.

4. Get a buddy. Make friends with someone on the first day, exchange emails. If in a math or biology class offer to go halfsies on a textbook, guaranteed study buddy and save cash. Class Buddies are also great if you miss days, or want to study together for a test. It’s also a great way to build your network.

5. Get involved! Join a club (Utah PRSSA), a study group, go to a event, take a free class. The first 2 weeks of the semester mean free classes, or no commitment to groups. Take the time to learn about different clubs and see what one(s) are perfect for you.

Have a great first week of class!

What keeps you motivated during the semester?


About Utah PRSSA

The national chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is a professional organization that serves its members with networking opportunities, employment resources, and information about emerging trends in communication and new media fields as well as strategies for professional advancement. Membership of PRSA at the student level (PRSSA) enables students to access content that is available exclusively to members.

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