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Holiday Social Today at U of U

Get excited because we have our first event today!

PRSSA Holiday Social Open House
Happening this Thursday, November 29, 4pm
in LNCO 2110, across from the main stairs on the second floor

Please bring anyone else you know who might be interested, this is an open house and membership is not required to attend. Light refreshments will be provided so come and learn about what we do.



The fall semester is well under way. Some of you, like me, have already survived your first exams or they are right around the corner. Utah PRSSA is no different, we’ve got events coming out our ears in the next 3 1/2 months.

Here’s what we’ve got coming over the next 8 weeks;

September 28
Social Media Seminar
We are inviting some of Salt Lake’s most influential among social media to come and speak to us. Come prepared to learn more about the ever growing world of social media.
6 PM LNCO Faculty Lounge (Upstairs)
Light refreshments 

October TBD (Week before Fall Break)
Resume Building and Interview Tips

Join us as we have a panel tell us what they are looking for. Learn how to build a resume that stands out. How to ace that interview.
Light refreshments 

October 26
Nightmare PR

Our BIG first event for fall semester. Join your fellow chapter members in small groups to solve an impromptu “PR Nightmare.” We will have coaches to guide us along  the way.
Light refreshments 

October TBD
Wendy’s Community Night
5-8 PM Wendy’s 562 East 500 South

Well Wendy’s duh!
We are creating committees, it’s a great way to get even more involved and leadership experience. Email us at UtahPRSSA{at}gmail{dot}com
Have a great week!
Amanda N.
Utah PRSSA Director of PR

Motivation Monday – Winning

“Winning isn’t everything. But wanting to win is.”  – Vince Lombardi

Let’s begin this Monday with our heads a little higher, our chests held high and a BIG high-five!

Mondays are always tough, but here’s one thing this Monday has over all  any other plain old Monday; Utes won!

Utes won 54-10, remind yourself of that you’ll be sure to survive this Monday! 🙂

– Amanda N.

Conference Pt 2

After the keynote speaker we had the option of choosing 2 out of 3 various workshops; Creating an Effective Crisis Communications Plan, Social Media Success Stories: How Utah Companies Are Harnessing New Media Power, and How Your Company Can Take Advantage of Utah’s Pro-Business Message. I was really excited to attend the the workshop on Social Media because the panel was amazing group of people. I couldn’t wait to hear them speak and ask questions. For our second choice, I attended the workshop on Crisis Communication. I was thrilled to learn from the talented and experience speaker.

The Social Media Panel gave me plenty ideas to use on the many networks I use both personally and professionally. They stressed the importance of interacting with your fans/followers; listening and responding are key to your branding strategy. Creating a cheap, flip cam video can help get the word out. Utah PRSSA is working on a recruitment video! It was such an incredible experience and the panel was so friendly, we hope to have them join Utah PRSSA for a Q&A Session.


Utah PRSSA Executive Board – Austin, President and Amanda, Dir. of PR with Social Media Panel Read the rest of this entry

2011-2012 PRSSA Executive Board

Are you going to be a junior or senior for the 2011-2012 school year? Want to be more active in your PRSSA chapter? Gain leadership and problem solving skills? Attend PRSSA Leadership Rally, PRSSA National Conference, and PRSSA National Assembly. Learn more about the positions below.

If you’re interested email us utahprssa[at]gmail[dot]com letting us know by March 28, 2011;
-What position you’re interested in
-How you will excel at the position
-Your year in school
-Your PR experience/career goals

PRSSA Executive Board

Chapter President
-Motivate executive board and members through PRSSA enthusiasm.
-Preside at all membership and executive board meetings.
-Appoint committees and advise chairs; advise members about Chapter activities.
-Delegate responsibilities of officers and committees.
-Direct overall operations of Chapter.
-Recommend and establish goals and objectives for the Chapter with the approval of the membership, faculty and Professional Advisers.
-Assist the treasurer in collecting dues and provide an accurate dues form to PRSSA Headquarters by Nov. 1 and March 1.
-Stay in contact with the PRSSA National Committee.

Vice President
-Motivate members through his or her PRSSA enthusiasm.
-Perform presidential duties if the Chapter President is absent or unable.
-Help the Chapter President coordinate and direct committee activities and Chapter operations.
-Perform duties as may be delegated by the Chapter President.
-Counsel the Chapter President by recommending goals, objectives, plans and programs.
-Coordinate and disseminate information about PRSA New Professionals and Associate Membership for graduating PRSSA members.

-Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
-Prepare agendas with the assistance of the Chapter President.
-Record and distrubte the minutes of all executive board and membership meetings.
-Maintain a record of Chapter members with school and permanent home address.
-Keep the Chapter’s charter, other permanent documents and Chapter Handbook.
-Notify PRSSA Headquarters and PRSA sponsor Chapters of changes in Chapter leaders.
-Handle all Chapter correspondence.

-Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
-Work with the Chapter President in preparing the annual budget.
-Collect Chapter and national dues, with the assistance of the Chapter President, and completely and accurately prepare the PRSSA dues form.
-Provide financial reports periodically to the Chapter membership.
-Collect fees for any Chapter special events and fundraisers.
– Disburse Chapter funds with proper approval.
-Provide safekeeping for all Chapter funds and keep accurate financial records.
-Maintain and record history of Chapter for accurate record keeping from year to year.
-Coordinate photography for the Chapter, the Chapter’s scrapbook and press releases.

Public Relations Director
-Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
-produce the Chapter newsletter on a regular basis throughout the school year.
-Produce or oversee the Chapter website.
-Produce or oversee Chapter news on the national website,
-Post announcements for Chapter meetings throughout campus.
-Coordinate Chapter press releases, feature articles, advertising and brochures.

We can’t wait to hear from you!