Motivation Monday – Quotes

Welcome to our new series, Motivation Monday, where Utah PRSSA will bring you new motivation tips each Monday. Start your week of right with our Motivation Monday series. 

It’s August 1st toady. Awkward. School starts in 21 days, that’s right, I’ve started my count down. I’m Type A. I’m about to embark on my final year, my senior year. It’s really quite exciting and nerve wracking, although I’ve been working full-time my whole college career, I’ve never not been a student. It’s Bittersweet.

Whether this is your freshman or senior year, it’s always nice to start the week and “Back-to-School Lists” with some wisdom collected from around the web…

What motivating quotes to you keep? Do you keep them posted in your study area, on your notebooks, textbooks?

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Have a great week!!
Director of Utah PRSSA Public Relations


Motivation Monday – 5 Ways to Organize

Welcome to our new series, Motivation Monday, where Utah PRSSA will bring you new motivation tips each Monday. Start your week of right with our Motivation Monday series. 

This week’s topic is organization, with school starting in 6 weeks it’s time to clean out your school bag, laptop and desk. Whether you have your own desk or do most your homework at the library, it’s always good to clean up after each semester.
1.Go digital . There are many sites that allow you to store your files and keep them public or private. I personally use Dropbox and drop all assignments, projects, readings and papers into files created for each class. Don’t forget assignments from your internships or job. It’s a great way to keep old assignments but save file space on your jump or hard drive.
2. Folder, folders and more folders. Create folders within folders, it might seem overboard at first but it will make searching for items easier. A minimum create a folder for each class and keep all assignments, readings, web links, etc.
3. Build your portfolio. As PR students we are always doing work that can be added to our portfolio. Mock projects, pitches, press releases, and a majority of projects can be added to your portfolio. As mentioned in #1 don’t forget about projects you helped create at work or your internships.
4.  Throw away. Yes, it’s seems opposite of what I’m saying but all those revised papers, half written thoughts, or useless links. Delete.
5. Use a planner. This is the best advice for keeping and staying organized. Writing down your tasks keeps you accountable, and gives you something less to thing about. It’s a single place that will keep all your tasks, assignments and commitments in one place.
With smart phones it’s easier than ever to stay organized. What are some of your organization tips?
Have a great week!

Motivation Monday – 5 Ways To Enjoy Your Summer

Welcome to our new series, Motivation Monday, where Utah PRSSA will bring you new motivation tips each Monday. Start your week of right with our Motivation Monday series. 

How is it the second week of July already? School starts in another 7 weeks and while it seems far away, we all know that it will be here sooner than we would like. Or for those of you enrolled in classes this summer it’s even more important to enjoy your summer.

Summer in Utah is unlike anywhere else and we have a lot of close, free (or really cheap) and fun summer entertainment. It’s time to take advantage of all Utah has to offer during the summer. Don’t forget to take advantage of Student Discounts using your student ID, they aren’t always advertised but always ask.

1. Enjoy a body of water. Summer isn’t summer without spending it by a body of water, even in a land locked state. Whether it be a day boating, a walk around a lake in the mountains, or your apartment’s pool, take in the sun rays and enjoy the cool water. Gather a handful of friends and make an adventure, play Chicken, Marco Polo, or grab a book and soak up the sun.

2. Take a hike. Utah is known for its mountains and outdoor activities, there are countless hiking trails for all experience levels. Grab a camera and take pictures of all the wildlife you see, or challenge yourself on a hard trail, and get a workout at the same time. For hiking trails around Utah visit

3. Get out of the house. Do nothing, do something, whatever it is, get out of the house. Just do it; Nike style. Enjoy a day in the sun, take a walk, buy some chalk and create art, go for a picnic in the mountains, take a drive, just get out of the house.

4. BBQ. No summer is complete without a BBQ, who doesn’t love a hamburger, hot dog, corn on the cob and some juicy watermelon. Give each of your friend a food to bring and cook up a delicious summer feast.

5. Take in a summer concert. Gallivan Plaza holds free summer concerts every year, Red Butte Gardens has concert series, USANA or Sandy amphitheater, even Park City and Deer Valley have great summer concert series. While some of these shows may put you back $20-40, it’s worth the memory and relaxation of summer.

What are your favorite summer activities? How do you enjoy our hot Utah summers?

Have a great Monday!


5 Tips on Branding Yourself

I’m entering my final year as a student and slowly starting to build my brand. It’s quite the process, especially with my portfolio being a constant work in progress. Creating a brand for yourself is a great way to gain hands on experience with Brand Strategy and Development and Campaign Management. It could lead to future job offers, freelance work and even money.

1. NETWORK – I can’t stress this enough, network, network, network. Create business cards with your contact information and 140 characters of your major and career aspirations, keep them with you all.the.time. You will use them, you never know who you’ll meet. When receiving business cards send a follow up email/LinkedIn message to solidify the connection.

2. PROFILES – Keep your profiles updated. I update mine every 4 months or after every semester. I add the new skills I learned, the ones I advanced, and other accomplishments. A profile is a chance to showcase all your talents, portfolio and experience. Get creative and restructure sentences if nothing has changed. Remember to keep your profiles clean, they have privacy settings for a reason.

3. STRENGTHS – Play up your strengths. Are you a great writer, start a blog or contribute to an online magazine. Pick a couple of your strengths and focus on showing those; you’ll be prepared for that dreaded interview question.

4. SPEAK UP – In class, during interviews, doctor appointments, everywhere. I’ve worked as a server for 2 years and the connections I’ve made are helping me with job placement next May. This also goes along with 1, in networking, swap business cards and see where it will take you.

5. RESEARCH – See what other students, young professionals are doing to market themselves. Look at the businesses in your industry of choice. Learn what others are doing and make them your own, it’s great for brainstorming.

I hope these tips help with your branding strategy. I’d love to hear how it works for you.

Utah PRSSA Director of PR

Conference Pt 2

After the keynote speaker we had the option of choosing 2 out of 3 various workshops; Creating an Effective Crisis Communications Plan, Social Media Success Stories: How Utah Companies Are Harnessing New Media Power, and How Your Company Can Take Advantage of Utah’s Pro-Business Message. I was really excited to attend the the workshop on Social Media because the panel was amazing group of people. I couldn’t wait to hear them speak and ask questions. For our second choice, I attended the workshop on Crisis Communication. I was thrilled to learn from the talented and experience speaker.

The Social Media Panel gave me plenty ideas to use on the many networks I use both personally and professionally. They stressed the importance of interacting with your fans/followers; listening and responding are key to your branding strategy. Creating a cheap, flip cam video can help get the word out. Utah PRSSA is working on a recruitment video! It was such an incredible experience and the panel was so friendly, we hope to have them join Utah PRSSA for a Q&A Session.


Utah PRSSA Executive Board – Austin, President and Amanda, Dir. of PR with Social Media Panel Read the rest of this entry

2011 PRSA Utah Spring Conference

The conference began at noon with a luncheon and keynote speaker Mark Bernheimer, former CNN national corespondent and top media trainer, a breakout session with local ground-shaking professionals, and a final session with those behind the Fighting the Hunger Together campaign. The lunch was amazing and I wish I had a better camera phone to show pictures. The fruit tart was divine and I wanted to bring it home.

Mark Bernheimer’s presentation was about Mastering Your Message; how to make the reporter work for you and not the other way around. Mark was a fascinating speaker and gave tips on how to convey your message. He stressed the importance of using facts, statistics, examples for sounds bites, 3 mistakes to avoid with social media, 4 ways to not answer and 3 mistakes of traditional media.

When going into an interview with a journalist Mark stressed the importance of these commandments; “in this order, 1 than 2, NOT 2 then 1.”
1. Satisfy your own objectives
2. Help the reporter

3 mistakes to avoid with social media
1. Messaging is a snap with no reporter
2. Over-saturation
3. Relying solely on social media

4 ways to not answer
1. Simply “I don’t know”
2. “I don’t understand” (a good way to stall)
3. “That question is better for XYZ”
4. It’s a call for speculation.

3 mistakes of traditional media
1. Helping the reporter first
2. ‘Explaining mode’
3. Fighting the reporter

I walked away from Mark’s message with three words underlined and starred in my notes. Message of Distinction.” Stay tuned for Part II of my new found knowledge from PRSA’s Spring Conference. I leave you with this gem from Mark’s presentation.

Utah PRSSA Director of PR

Congrats Graduates!!

Wow the year is over and it’s graduation! As a junior member of the Executive Board I’m excited for my senior year to start. However, I’m mostly envious of all 24 members of Utah PRSSA who graduated the University of Utah on May 6, 2011.

It was an honor to work with the senior members of PRSSA; learning with and from them, watching them grow, and new discoveries of ourselves. Four members of our Executive Board are embarking on the real world and anxious to begin their careers. As the coordinator of this blog I hope to have regular updates from our seniors and how their careers are shaping out.

Marcia, Fiona, Brook and Sami - Graduation, May 2011

I’m continuing my position of Director of Public Relations and excited for the new 2011-2012 year. I’ve been meeting with our new chapter President, Austin Chappel and Vice President, Ryan Hughes, and we are excited. Excited to build from the 2010-2011 year and keep this chapter thriving.

We will continue to have events, fund raisers and workshops over the summer. Our first event being held May 28, 2011 at Pioneer Park; Extreme Yard Sale, 9 A.M – 2 P.M. Donate items to sale at Utah PRSSA’s booth, all proceeds go to Utah PRSSA and unsold items will be donated to charities.

Stay tuned, more information to come!

Amanda Nelson
Dir. of PR

Richter7 Mock Panel Presentations

Last Friday several chapter members and I participated in a mock presentation panel that was held at Richer7.  We are fortunate that Richter7 invited us to this event because it provided us an opportunity to see professionals, active in the communications field, practice their craft.  For the panel, we were asked to be a critical audience, evaluating performance based on the criteria that was provided by the people at Richter7.  Our perimeters were to comment on both positives and negatives across; clarity of speech, body language, poise, personality, audience engagement, topic knowledge, dress, and use of visual aids.  We were even asked to take the mind set of actual corporate professionals, and to be critical from that perspective.  At the end of each presentation, it was requested that we ask several questions to each presenter, to see how they think on their feet and react to the unknown in a presentation setting.  Each presentation was recorded on video.

There were three presentations that we evaluated.  For the first one, we were asked to think as if we were owners of a certain cooperate franchise in Utah.  An employee of Richter7 presented a quarterly report for a real-life marketing and social media campaign done by their agency.  A different Richter7 employee conducted the second presentation.   Database marketing, what it is and how it works, was the presentation topic.  This was an informational presentation that was geared toward college level marketing students, hence were we’re asked to take that perspective as an audience, which was a real stretch for us.  The final presentation was given by a representative from one of Richter7’s clients.  This one was about what how their organization functions during a crisis.  It was another informational presentation and we were asked to be ourselves as we noted and commented on it.

I can only speak from my personal experience, but it was a fantastic opportunity to see actual professionals presenting, and to watch through a critical lens.  Normally, when I’m watching a professional presentation, I’m not counting the “um’s,” looking for repetitive gesturing, or considering their shoes.  Although the presentations were outstanding, it was nice to see that practicing professionals aren’t perfect.  That’s why they practice.  Just because we get a degree and a job, doesn’t mean we got it made, to be great at what we do, it takes hard work and practice.  On behalf of PRSSA, University of Utah, I would like to individually thank Tim Brown, as well as rest of the Richter7 staff for allowing us this opportunity.

Ryan Hughes

Vice President 2011-2012

{Recap} Intrepid Agency Tour

We were lucky enough to receive a hands on tour and advice from the members of Intrepid Hybrid Communications in Salt Lake City. It was a wonderful experience; for seniors and juniors alike.

We learned a lot about how an agency works; how it compares to corporate, in-house and non-profit avenues. We received a tour of their facility, met with key members of their office and gained invaluable information.

Heather Barnum, Senior Account Executive shared with us her experience working in the public sector, corporate/in-house and agency locations. She shared the pros and cons, and answered a lot of questions many of us were wondering deep down. A few key things we learned from Heather.

  • Media relations is extremely important
  • Crisis communication is important in ALL fields
  • Media pitching is important
  • Corporate/In-house and non-profit areas are usually lower paid and work with minimal teams, but the pay off is worth it
  • Agency corporations are more team-orientated, higher pay and large variety of clients

Most important Intrepid left us with tips on how to succeed in college and after graduation. Katie McGlamery and Britnee Nguyen shared with us their best tips about life after college and working with an agency.

  • Social media skills are important, but knowing and understanding traditional media is just as important
  • Write, write, write and more writing. Start a blog, write for the campus paper and more
  • Know how to write and present a good pitch; be precise, creative and make them want what you’re pitching
  • Networking is key; use PRSSA to your advantage

This was a wonderful experience for both Intrepid and Utah PRSSA.

Thank you again Intrepid, especially, Katie, Britnee and Heather.

Dir. of Public Relations 2011-2012

Regional Assembly

Regional Assembly was this past weekend in Seattle, Washington and we sent Emily Attwood as our delegate to to represent our chapter in the election for the new national committee.  Here’s what she had to say about regional assembly:

Hi everyone,

I just got back from PRSSA National Assembly in Seattle and had such a great time. I learned so much and I am excited to share my experience with you. First of all I just want to start off by saying thank you for giving me this opportunity to participate with PRSSA on a national level. I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people. PRSSA is such a great society and provides us all with so many great opportunities.
When I was in Seattle I got the opportunity to attend leadership sessions that went over branding, ways to get your chapter involved and opportunities that PRSSA provides. I learned a ton of great things in all of these sessions. My favorite was learning about the opportunities that PRSSA provides each one of its members. As a member of PRSSA you can register on the PRSSA website on the internship center and look at internships and opportunities all over the country. This is such a great resource for us because as young PR professionals it is really important to get involved and meet people who are working in the communications field.
I also had the opportunity of attending the national assembly and voting on behalf of our chapter for the new national assembly members. This was such a cool experience because I got to vote in the people who I thought would represent PRSSA the best. The people that were chosen are highly qualified and are such great leaders. I am so excited to see everything they will accomplish in the next year. I know that you will all benefit greatly.
I encourage you all to attend the national convention that will be held in Orlando. This will give you the chance of getting involved with PRSSA on a national level as well as meet PR professionals. I also encourage you all to take every opportunity that you have through PRSSA because it is such a great resource for us and can provide you with life changing experiences. Thank you all again for this opportunity.

Emily Attwood–

Thanks for representing us Emily, we’re glad you enjoyed it and congrats to all the new committee members!!